Along the way I shoot a vast array of objects, happenings and people.  Here is a selection of a few of my favourite themes on observations in London. 

Architectural Features  

My aim is to make patterns depicting fashion or, alternatively, what was held dear relating to different periods in London’s history.  Sometimes I am in awe of the imagination of architects and the inventiveness of engineers.  I like pulling this work apart, finding patterns, colours, shapes and disorienting angles.  

Artists and Sculptors

Eduardo Paolozzi’s art struck a chord with me after seeing his 1983 mosaic murals at Tottenham Court Road tube station.  Particularly enjoyable is the geometric way of telling stories and the mask-like characters.  Rail expansion jeopardised this art so being able to create patterns which have been printed as scarves has been very poignant.  I have also photographed his sculptural works in Central London.

One summer evening I walked passed the Academy of Arts courtyard where Shawcross’ The Dappled Light of the Sun was on show.  I immediately went and stood underneath it, completely absorbed by the light, the monsters and the mechanical parts forming.  

In the historic garden of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, I had a surprise encounter with Mona Lisa sculptured in black bronze.  This temporary commission was by Sudodh Gupta and titled “Et tu, Duchamp” – a wonderfully wicked title.

Buildings Evolving

London is changing at a frantic pace with demolition, restoration and modern construction.  I like observing building works and, with the influence of Frank Auerbach, find colour distortion can enhance details. 

Buildings on Show

At times a building seems to hold a mystery.  Others may remind me of a painter.

Street Life Stories

People can surprise and sensitise our emotions.


The creativeness of nature just has to be appreciated.