I am a photographer living in London.

My life began on a beautiful hillside within the farmland of the Kenyan Highlands.  In my twenties, I set off for Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) in search of adventure and work in antiques dealing.  I loved working with the top auctioneers in Harare - times were turbulent and, to a backdrop of war, we sold everything from cattle to jardinières.

We left Harare in 2003.  Being a Londoner meant big lifestyle changes and fresh starts - photography became an important part of cataloguing my new story.

I spend hours walking around London capturing its people and places. How lucky we are to have this history; these tales of so many great people on our doorstep. 

Some of my photographs have inspired pattern making.  Patterns can be reassuring, safe spaces to think.  They can be mathematically dazzling and take your mind on a journey.  For me, Eduardo Paolozzi’s Tottenham Court Road mosaics became reflective tunnels; Norman Foster’s Gherkin, a space-age grid; Conrad Shawcross’s metal trees became a mechanical kaleidoscope; and the trade centre of Bush House, colourful patterns like the Kashmiri cottons imported to Africa.

Eleven of the evolving designs are available as printed silk scarves and two as wool.   Others are proposed as pictures, fabric, tiles and greeting cards.

I love a London story and can often be found drafting ideas at the French House in Soho if you want to share one.